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Tim and Lois have joined Spoken Worldwide after 35 years with another mission and are excited to bring their experience and expertise to the Spoken team in the area of Oral Bible Translation. Tim’s last project in Africa involved helping nine Bible-less language groups to craft at least 24 oral Bible stories in nine languages that have never been written! They learned them by heart and were excited when they could share them with others --and the hearers could understand the Bible clearly for the first time! One of them even planted a church in a completely unchurched area. Great stuff!! Spoken Worldwide’s ultimate goal is lasting transformation in the hearts and lives of the 4 BILLION unreached people around the world. We aim to help communities have a true understanding of Jesus by meeting their spiritual and physical needs in culturally appropriate ways. Most of the unreached people groups in the world are oral learners, meaning their beliefs and values are formed by listening to stories rather than reading text. For this reason, our team works with indigenous leaders to develop stories, songs, and dramas, based on biblical fact. These stories, along with information about health, sanitation, and community development, are then transferred to MP3 Players and MicroSD cards. This simple technology is cost-effective, solar-powered, easily shared, and ensures that the stories will maintain accuracy over time.


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